Welcome to the SongBook Highway After Christmas

SongbookHighway welcome 1

The Songbook Highway is a community site for music, and ideas. Started by music collaborators Chris LeRoy and Johnny Hickman as a myspace page in 2006, the site and community has expanded from fans of Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, and The Dangers to an eclectic group of listeners and thinkers, and bands like The Hoppers, The Black Widows, The BellRays, Bucksworth, McCabe and Mrs. Miller… It goes on!

On the 26th there are new songs to consider. We like MORST’s pick Redneck Mothers by Cracker live, and also dig The Dangers live from Campout 5, the encore, GET HIGH. It is a 9 plus minute rocker with solos from Bob Vennum and Johnny Hickman and Chris LeRoy too!!!


Looking to the new year with our myspace fans…
Johnny Hickman and Chris LeRoy

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